jeudi 10 mars 2011

Explorations in monotype, water-based inks

I used water-based inks to create this monotype Jour de pluie (9 x 9 inches, 23 x 23 cm) which I printed on caligraphy paper, using a press. Water-based inks react quite differently from oil-based inks and are quite free-flowing, much like watercolours.

These two small monotypes (4.5 x 4.5 inches, 12 x 12 cm) on caligraphy paper are some of the ghost images that I hand pulled from the remaining ink on portions of the above monotype.

Ghost images, which can be hand-pulled or passed through the press, are in their true form negative images of the original proof, but I often intervene on the plate before printing it, either by redrawing into it or by reinforcing some of the colours.

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  1. Très beau résultat! J'aime beaucoup le premier.
    Bonne soirée!